I created an FSI-acoustic model in Workbench. The switch to acoustic elements and application of relevant boundary conditions was accomplished with a command object. I opened the model in ANSYS from the Project tab in the workbench environment and solved it in the traditional ANSYS GUI. After the solution was complete, I went into the traditional ANSYS postprocessor to read in the sound pressure level (NMISC,4). I received a message saying the ETABLE data was unavailable. Why is the data not available and how can I work around this problem?

Simulation writes an input file containing "OUTRES" command that instructs ANSYS to omit writing ETABLE data to the results file. If you add "OUTRES,ERASE" to your command object, the default output settings will be restored, and the ETABLE data, including the SPL (NMISC,4), will be written to the results file.

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