I am trying to use a particle user routine to set the Multiphase Reaction Rate for a particle reaction in a Lagrangian particle tracking calculation in ANSYS CFX-Pre release 11.0. The solver documentation says that this is an allowable options and I see it listed in the RULES file. I am unable to select this option in CFX-Pre, however, and if I edit the CCL in the Command Editor I get an error message that says Particle User Routine is not an allowed option for Multiphase Reaction Rate.

How can I set this up and are there any example routines which show how to do this?

The Particle User Routine option for the choice of Multiphase Reaction Rate is disabled in the CFX-Pre GUI as it
is a beta CCL only feature for release 11.0.

You can set it up by manually editing the CCL, which should look something like:

Option = Particle User Routine
Particle User Routine = pt reaction
Argument Variables List = Coal.Raw Coal.Particle Mass, Coal.Temperature
Multiphase Reaction Rate Return Variables List = Mass Reaction Rate

You can pass whatever variables you`d like to use in the Argument Variables List. The Multiphase Reaction Rate Return Variables List has to be set to Mass Reaction Rate.

There is a sample FORTRAN routine to calculate the multiphase reaction rate named partreact.F located in the examplesUserFortran folder of the CFX installation directory.

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