I installed LINUX AMD 64 version of CFX-10.0 on Intel Xeon EM64T. When run in serial or parallel, there is an error:

"An error has occurred in cfx5solve:
The solver executable /ansys_inc/v100/CFX-10.0/bin/linux/solver-pvm.exe
could not be found, or is not readable. "

Why is CFX looking for the executable in bin/linux folder and not in the usual bin/linux-amd 64 folder?

CFX-10.0 never had a version for a Xeon Chip. Xeon CPUs are not detected correctly by LINUX AMD 64 version of CFX-10.0.


1) Install CFX-11: A correct CFX-11 version for LINUX EM64T exists.


2) (a) Replace the file "x86info.exe" in the linux-amd64 folder of CFX-10.0 from CFX-11 installation (for AMD)
(b) Delete hosts.ccl in the config directory
(c) Execute " cfx5parhosts -install-setup " to recreate hosts.ccl

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