Following a hard disk failure we have recently had to re-install the operating system and software on our Linux workstation. Having done this I am having difficulties getting CFX to run correctly, in particular CFX-Pre and CFX-Post. An example of the error messages produced when starting CFX-Pre or CFX-Post are included below. It looks as if a library or other required software may be missing. The OS is Red Hat Linux AS 4.

The application has encountered an unexpected problem:

QGLContext::makeCurrent(): Cannot make invalid context current.

Please report this error, along with the circumstances in which it occurred.

Alternatively, you may attempt to continue, but the application may be in an unstable state, and you should save your work and restart the application as soon as possible.

The following information may be useful to CFX support:

src/QTApplication.cxx(48) : Expectation failed:
QGLContext::makeCurrent(): Cannot make invalid context current.

This is due to a problem with the OpenGL installation made when the OS was re-installed after the machine crash.

Suggestions are:

1) If you are running directly on the Linux machine try running CFX-Pre and CFX-Post in software graphics mode; you do this using the commands:

cfx5pre -gr mesa
cfx5post -gr mesa

If these work then it is definitely a problem with OpenGL. Either continue to run this way or reinstall the OS again taking particular care with the installation of the OpenGL software.

2) If you are running remotely on the Linux machine from a window on a Windows machine using Exceed make sure that you have both Exceed and Exceed 3D installed and that you are using at least version 11 of Exceed or Exceed 2006.

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