When running transient case in TAS, I got the warning message "The computing interval was driven by the defied print interval. This indicates that the model may not have the definition or may be too coarse to accurately predict happenings at that time step. Continue?" What causes this warning message? How can I get rid of this warning message?

This message is just an informative message. There is no problem to run the model after this message.

When the minimum thermal time constant of the model is larger than the print interval the user defined, this message will be shown. The user can either reduce print interval or refine the mesh to reduce the minimum thermal time constant to get rid of this warning message. To be able to refine the mesh in right region, select Information>Summary, in the bottom right, hit the Minimum value, which will give the minimum RC value (thermal time constant) and the node where it occurs. The user can refine the mesh close this node regions to reduce the thermal time constant.

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