Customer installed ANSYS 11.0SP1 after removing all 11.0 products from his Windows XP machine. When starting WB simulation, he gets the following error messages.

"Object does not support this property or method: topList(i).ResetTree();"
"'tv.SelectedItem' is null or not an object"

DesignModeler and ANSYS interface seem to work correctly. What is causing this error?

This is related to the dynamics licensing issue where the customer was given a new DSObjectsU.dll and the existing one was renamed. After uninstalling 11.0, the v110 directory was not removed, so the dll.orig was still there and the registration of DSObjectsU.dll did not complete successfully. Registering DSObjectsU.dll resolved the problem. To prevent the problem, the user would need to uninstall WB11.0, remove the v110 directory, and then install 11.0SP1.

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