When we install ANSYS on a 32-bit computer, the STEP format is already checked under Parasolid Geometry Interface. However when we install ANSYS on a 64-bit Windows computer, there is no way to check STEP format. As a result, we can not import STEP file into ANSYS DesignModeler in a 64-bit computer, which has no problem in a 32-bit computer. Do you have any suggestions?

STEP is not supported on 64-bit systems, so we can not support it with 64-bit WB 11.0.

You would need to import the geometry and save the .agdb file on the 32-bit machine and then read it into WB on the x64 machine. The API (Application Program Interface) compile libraries for supporting STEP and IGES import on x64 are created by third-party software companies. ANSYS has not yet received compatible libraries from these companies. At the moment, the plan is to support STEP and IGES import (and others) on x64 beginning with V12.0, although that has not been confirmed.

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