I defined two Named Selections in DesignModeler, which are two sides of an interface/contact between two bodies. I then group these two bodies into one part. When I transfer this geometry into meshing under Workbench, I cannot see both of my Named Selections. After meshed the geometry, I cannot use these two Named Selections in pre either.

This is the designed behavior, although a future release may change it. It is because your Named Selections are in Regions of Shared Topology.

Note that your named selection may become lost if you select a region in which topology is shared. When you group bodies together into a multi-body part, you still work with them in DesignModeler as if they are independent bodies. When the model is transferred from DesignModeler to another applet, they combine to form the multi-body part. When the shared topology is merged, usually one of the original entities survives and the others are discarded. If you wish to place a Named Selection in a region of shared topology, it is recommended that all entities in the shared region be chosen in the named selection. For example, if you want a Named Selection on a face that will be shared between two bodies, place the Named Selection on both faces. During transfer, the two faces will be merged, and one of them will persist in the resultant model.

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