I followed the basic routine to create geometry and mesh. After modifying the geometry slightly, how can I use the previous mesh controls settings to create the mesh for the new geometry and still keep the files for the original project?

To use the previous mesh control settings for the slightly-modified geometry and still keep the files for the original project, you can do the following:
(1) Create the original geometry and mesh, and save the project file (test1.wbdb), geometry file (test1.agdb), and mesh file (test1.cmdb).
(2) Go to the "Project" page, click the agdb file to highlight it, click "Open Copy" to open the geometry and modify it, and save this modified geometry as a new name (test2.agdb).
(3) Create a new folder, copy the new agdb file and original cmdb file to the new folder, and rename the mesh file (test2.cmdb).
(4) Double click the test2.cmdb file, click the "Geometry" panel, and select "From File", then select the test2.agdb file in the new folder. You will see that the geometry is updated, and most of the mesh control settings have remained.
(5) After you finish the meshing, save the mesh file, and save the project file (test2.wbdb) before you exit the Workbench.

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