I have installed ICEM CFD 11 SP1 on my Windows Vista 64-bit platform. I am unable to get ICEM CFD 11 to launch - I get a pop-up message:

ANSYS110_DIR doesn't point to a readable directory

I have checked and the ANSYS110_DIR environment variable seems to be set correctly

This is a known problem on Windows Vista. You need to edit the file c:program filesansys incv110icemcfdwin64_amdbinicemcfd.bat and replace the line

if not exist "%ANSYS110_DIR%" set ANSYS110_DIR=%ICEM_ACN%bin


if exist "%ANSYS110_DIR%" set ANSYS110_DIR=

You must also make sure that you have installed the latest 11 SP1 version of the ANSYS License manager on the license server as well as on the client.

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