I have a solver error when using a flamelet library:

Parameter "Laminar Burning Velocity" has been assigned an expression containing an unavailable variable: T

In CFX10, I was using a Laminar Burning Velocity which depends on T. It does not work with CFX11?

Laminar burning velocity should not depend on the local temperature `T`, because local T changes across the flame front and is based on unburned state on one side of the front, and the burned state on the other. This is inconsistent for flamespeed, as flamespeed will always depend on the conditions *before* burning. Instead, create a physical dependency is on the temperature of the fresh mixture `unburnt Tabs`. The expression will run in CFX 11.0 when changing `T` into `unburnt Tabs` in the CEL for the laminar burning velocity.

If you want to restore the CFX 10 behaviour, you may work around by adding the following snippet to your CCL:


PARAMETER: Laminar Burning Velocity

Dependency List = ANY



This can be put in a separate ccl file and supplied to the solver executable with the -ccl flag

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