We just discovered that the documentation for MATRIX27 has changed from ANSYS 10 to ANSYS 11. We could not find any information if the element has changed or just the documentation? Is there a bug in older versions?

Also, if you want to define the MATRIX27 element via GUI, switching to unsymmetric behavior leads to an error message in ANSYS 11.0 that KEYOPT(2)=1 is not documented.

An improved input format for unsymmetric MATRIX27 (KEYOPT(2)=2) was introduced in ANSYS 11.0 and the old format (KEYOPT(2)=1) was undocumented (but still works). The new format allows you to input one complete row at a time. The old way of inputting the upper triangle first was harder to use.

At 11.0 the GUI was not updated. This has been reported in defect 57846, which is fixed in 12.0. A workaround at 11.0 using the GUI is to type in KEYOPT,,2,1 and then enter the data with the old format.

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