We have some APDL scripts that were developed with Workbench 10.0 and have problems in 11.0 due to new directory structure. Our macros were developed to read a .rth file from a previous analysis in the user specified working directory for use in a current analysis:


Now in 11.0, the directory structure is different. There are new subdirectories in the working directory for the files. These subdirectory names have spaces in the names. For example, "WorkingDirectory/XXX Simulation Files/ZZZ", where "ZZZ" is the name of the environment (so that is known), and "XXX" is the name of the .dsdb file (will be different every time)

1. Is there a way in 11.0 to use the 10.0 directory structure?

2. Is there a way to find out the name of the currently loaded .dsdb file? The /STATUS and *STATUS give a "jobname" which is "file". Is there something else for Workbench?

3. The spaces in the subdirectory name created by V11 cause problems. I manually changed the APDL to include the subdirectory name created by V11 with spaces in the LDREAD command, but ANSYS compresses out the spaces and the command does not find the specified directory. How can I account for spaces in the directory names in APDL programs?

The directory structure was necessary to support postprocessing directly from the results file at Simulation 11.0. We need results to be in different directories to avoid over-writing results. It was felt that the spaces in the directory names made them more readable.

You can use relative paths as shown in the example below. If you rename the environment to remove spaces, the space issue is gone as well (for relative paths in the same dsdb).

Please see the code snippet below. The dsdb has 2 branches. The first is called "noSpace" in Simulation. In the snippet from the 2nd branch, I just use the "..noSpace" since this location is guaranteed no matter where the dsdb is saved.


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