Unigraphics UG NX models fail to attach into DesignModeler, however the same model attaches successfully into Simulation. Unigraphics runs correctly, and the plugin is confirmed to be installed correctly.

DM posts an error dialog reading:
Error: Attach Failed
Context: Attach Feature Attach1

UG posts an error dialog reading:
*** ERROR code 1020005 at line 80 in .agUtil.cpp:
+++ Invalid file name
UF_PS_export_data(body_list, pName);

What could be the problem?

The user login name should not contain extended ASCII characters. (e with an accent, U with two dots above, etc). The UG-DM translator is different from Simulation, in that uses a direct Parasolid translator that does not recognize extended ASCII characters. Create a new login name that does not contain extended ASCII charactes.

Note: A feature request has been filed with UGS/Parasolid to enable support for extended ASCII characters.

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