Does the Workbench 11.0 / 11.0 SP1 plugin provide support for SolidWorks 2008?

Informal testing and feedback from customers indicate that WB 11.0/11.0SP1 will work with SW2008 with exceptions as follows:

- In "Plugin" mode with CAD model open in SW, attach and update is OK.

- In "Reader" mode where you browse to the SW file from within Workbench, Geometry does attach, but SW will crash afterwards. Workaround is to update from Active CAD file.

- As with all SolidWorks CAD models, do not use multi-body parts as associativity will still not be maintained for these models. Create models that use one body per part, then make an assembly from those parts.

Windows x64 - Use the x64 version of Solidworks.
Windows 32bit - Use the 32bit version of Solidworks.

Official testing with SW 2008 will begin with WB 12.0.

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