I created a test model to understand the sewing tolerance, which could be set inside the midsurface operation, but I could not find out how it should work. Could you please explain me how to use this tolerance?

The mid-surface feature works by first generating the mid-surface for each face pair individually. The thickness of the body for each face pair is also computed. Then, the next step is sewing. DM will sew together any face pairs that have the same thickness.

When we first developed the feature, we found that the thickness calculations generated by the geometry engine were not perfect. For example, a face pair with a thickness of 5 mm would sometimes report values such as 5.000014 mm or 4.999873 mm. Obviously, a user would want to treat these all as 5 mm, but when deciding which mid-surface results to merge, the algorithm would skip sewing them because of this slight error in thickness calculation.

We introduced a tolerance to allow sewing bodies together that were "close enough". Depending on the size of the model, the tolerance you would want to use can vary, so that is why we expose it as a property that the user can modify.

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