The plugin does not show up when installing Workbench. How do I install the plugin for OSD 2007 with Workbench 11.0 SP1

Below is a solution to installing OneSpace 2006 plugin with OneSpace Modeling 2007

Procedure that I followed to install is as below.

1. Install OneSpace Modeling 2007 x64
2. Install Workbench 11.0 SP1 (Even though there is no Plugin for OneSpace Modeling)
3. Copy the "Program FilesANSYS Incv110AISOLCAD IntegrationOneSpaceDesigner2006" directory from the Workbench download media to the Workbench Installation directory on the machine.

Copy the OneSpace Designer2006 directory to where you installed WorkbenchCad integration:

My installation path was:
C:Program FilesANSYS Incv110AISOLCAD Integration

After it is copied over, change to the "C:Program FilesANSYS Incv110AISOLCAD IntegrationOneSpaceDesigner2006winx64" directory.

A file called DSPlugInOSD2006U.dll will be located here.
Register this file by double-clicking on it and then choosing "c:windowsregsvr32.exe" to open it.

Next, follow the attached power point file.


This solution will also work with the 32bit system.

The only difference, is the path. Instead of winx64, it will be intel.

C:Program FilesAnsys Incv110AISOLCAD IntegrationOneSpaceDesigner2006intel

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