When I attempt to run ANSYS Workbench 11.0SP1, the program hangs with a message "Workbench is Configuring".

The "Workbench is Configuring" message is normally displayed the first time the program is run by a user on a machine. Workbench is adding information to the user registry during that time. Workbench may take a long time or appear to hang on older single processor computers. The configuration should, however, eventually complete. Subsequent runs should then be fast.

If the user sees the "Workbench is Configuring" after each login:
- User cache is being deleted upon logout. This problem often occurs in academic environments.

If the configuration fails to complete even after several hours:
- User may have very restricted permissions, and does not have permission to write to the User registry
- The %TEMP% directory is located on a network drive, or is shared among users.

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