How can I use FE Modeler to change a mesh? I do not have the geometry, but I do have a mesh.

In this case, since you have an ANSYS CDB file, this can be read directly into FE Modeler. The following images detail the steps required to accomplish your goal.

- Original_Mesh.jpg shows the original mesh

- Empty_Project.png shows an empty Workbench project page and indicates where to select the cdb file

- FE_Modeler.png shows that once you have selected the cdb file, you can take it into FE Modeler

- Skin_Components.png shows where to find the Create Skin Components click

- Skin_Components_Found.png shows the faces detected from the mesh provided.
Note: That the geometry will be based on the mesh, and any refinement would be a refinement of element faces. Look at the fillet in central hole.

- Insert_Initial_Geometry.png shows where to find the Initial Geometry click

- Initial_Geometry_Found.png shows the sufaces created from the skin components. Again, note the fillet on the center hole has two faces, because the original mesh only had two elements here.

- New_Geom_to_Simulation.png shows how to move the FE Modeler geometry back into Workbench Simulation.

- NewMesh_Simulation.png shows the refined mesh obtained in Workbench Simulation after a Body Sizing was applied.

This was done with ANSYS V11.0 SP1. I have also enclosed the ANSYS CDB file.

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