How can I create a MS Word Document from my "Design Simulation Report Preview", and also include Author, Subject, and Prepared For?

After you have successfully completed the solution to your analysis, click on the Report Preview underneath the graphics window. Then go to the lower left Details Pane, and enter the "Author," "Subject," and "Prepared For" fields. To create a MS document go to the "Send To" button in the Utility Menu and select either MS Word or MS PowerPoint

1) Author_etc.png - after creating a Report Preview in the Lower Left Corner you can enter the Author, etc
2) Word_Doc.png - shows where to find the Word Doc creation pull down.
3) Simulation_Report.doc - is the small report I created for you.

I have also enclosed the agdb, dsdb, wbdb, eddb, and the params files for your use.

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