I am importing a mesh file into CFX-Pre 11.0. In my file, there are named composite regions which contain surfaces which span several bodies.

I am noticing differences in the naming conventions that CFX-Pre applies upon import of such meshes between CFX 10.0 and CFX 11.0. In 10.0, the composite region would be broken up into smaller regions which retained the name of the original - for example Surface1 would be divided into Surface1_A and Surface1_B.

When I import the same mesh into CFX-Pre 11.0, I no longer see this, but instead notice that a number of regions named Primitive ... have been created.

This makes it difficult for me to assign boundary conditions in CFX-Pre version 11.0 as I have to work out what the new names are for my boundaries.

Is there any way to revert to the old 10.0 naming conventions when importing meshes into CFX-Pre?

The problem you describe has been noted for ICEM and IDEAS format meshes.

It is not a bug, but rather a change in how CFX-Pre processes names for 2D regions when importing meshes.

For example, in 10.0 Pre, if you import an ICEM file which has a part named INNER which includes faces which belong to two different bodies, INNER will be broken up into INNER_A and INNER_B.

If you import the same ICEM mesh into CFX-Pre 11.0, you`ll get a series of names for the faces that belong to INNER starting with Primitive 2D `.
If you look under Other 2D Regions, you`ll find that INNER has been preserved, but since it includes faces that belong to Body 1 and Body 2,
it`s not usable for setting a boundary condition if bodies 1 and 2 lie in different domains

There's a workaround, aside from doing the original import in CFX-Pre 10.0, which is always possible:

1. Run the following command from the CFX 11.0 command line (the example given is for an ICEM mesh named duct.icem):

cfx5gtmconv -icem duct.icem -gtm duct.gtm -is "-Z2 -n -l -f" -ig "-Z2 -n"

2. Import the converted gtm file duct.gtm into CFX-Pre as usual. You should now find that the old 10.0 naming convention is used.

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