Why do cats purr?

Many cat owners enjoy the soothing sounds of purrs that omit from their beloved pet. However, many cat lovers do not know exactly the answer to this question, “why do cats purr?” Unfortunately, this is something that scientists and veterinarians have been attempting to determine for years. No one knows the exact reason why cats purr, but there are many speculations. Many people understand that their cat purrs when they are:

• Happy
• Content
• Hungry
• Sleepy
• Hurt

A cat will seem to purr whenever possible. Some scientists believe that the purring noise of a cat is caused by the nerves in their voice box. This means that the purring is caused from within their central nervous system, so that they are able to purr voluntarily.

Other scientists believe that the purring sound is from the blood vessels in the voice box vibrating. However, because the cat does not have any anatomical features that are responsible for the sounds of purr, it is almost impossible to determine the true cause of these vibrating sounds.
Source: why-do-cats-purr.com

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