I am trying to set up a PC to run the CFX solver in parallel. I would like to use MPICH2. The PC is a 64-bit PC with 2 quad-core processors and it has Windows Vista 64-bit installed.

The following error appears while trying to install the MPICH2 service using the command "cfx5parallel -install-mpich2-service":

OpenSCManager failed:
Access is denied. (error 5)
Unable to remove the previous installation, install failed.

In the installation and licensing documentation, under "ANSYS CFX windows (x86 and X64) Parallel Setup", the instructions say to open a Command Prompt window using Tools>Command Line then install the MPICH or MPICH2 service using the cfx5parallel command.

On Windows Vista you need to be an administrator to install a service. The CFX Launcher is not started as administrator by default and so when you use Tools > Command Line to open up a Command Prompt window you will not have the correct privileges to set up the service.

To get around this you should select Start > All programs > Accessories and then rightclick on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator. Then in the window that opens up type

`C:Program FilesAnsys Incv110CFXbincfx5parallel` `install-mpich2-service


`C:Program FilesAnsys Incv110CFXbincfx5parallel` `register-mpich2-user


1) There are several items about Windows Vista such as this one in the version 11 SP1 Release Notes which you can download from the Customer Portal. Search for Vista to find items that will be useful.

2) Bear in mind that the CFX version 11 SP1 software is only of beta quality on Windows Vista platforms.

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