I am getting the following error when I run ANSYS LS-DYNA 11.0 on a PC:
The /PMETH command is either not available for this version of ANSYS or the appropriate product was not selected for this session. Contact your ANSYS support person for more information.

This is a known problem in ANSYS LS-DYNA 11.0 and 11.0 SP1. However, it is more of an annoyance than anything else, as the P-method is not applicable to ANSYS LS-DYNA and the error does not prevent you from running the product.

The error normally occurs when setting the Preferences to "LS-DYNA Explicit". Defect 60203 and Defect 61415 were both filed and the bug was fixed in the UP20070809 build of ANSYS LS-DYNA 12.0. Since it was not deemed a serious error, the bug fix was not included in the 11.0 Service Pack 1.

Please see Knowledge Base Solution 588112 for another ANSYS LS-DYNA 11.0 licensing error that was fixed in ANSYS LS-DYNA 11.0 SP1.

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