How is heat flow considered in ANSYS Workbench Simulation 11.0 contact?

The attached ANSYS Workbench Simulation 11.0 SP1 example shows that thermal contact gives the total heat flow for asymmetric contact, but divides it up between the two contact surfaces for symmetric contact. The sign convention is such that a positive value equates to heat flowing out and a negative value equates to heat flowing in.

A command object is needed to generate the ANSYS Classic ETABLE results. Please note that Simulation converts BTUs into in-lbf units in the "ds.dat" file, so you need to divide the results shown in the "solve.out" file by 9338.07 in-lbf/BTU to get back into BTU units. The equivalent ANSYS Classic input file is also included, which allows for simple trade studies to be conducted on different TCC (Thermal Contact Conductance) values.

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