What environment variables are required by the CADNEXUS Capri geometry interface for CATIA v5?

For normal installations where the Catia V5 CAD program is installed and configured locally on individual computers, no additional configuration is necessary. The files and information contained here are NOT required.

For customized installations where the Catia V5 CAD program is installed and/or configured from a network share, do the following:

CAPRI 2.33 with ANSYS 11.0 SP1

1. Edit the file: CAPRI_setcatenv.bat

Modify the folowing variables to match the locations of your customized CATIA installation
CAPRILoc=C:Program FilesCADNexusCAPRIV2.33
CAPRICatV5Loc=loxpscralph7Program FilesDassault SystemesB17

2. Run the CAPRI_setcatenv.bat file.

3. Set the following Environment variables in the Windows Control Panel.
Note that these variables should NOT be modified, but are required

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