Attempting to use the utility routine USER_GET_GVAR with a boundary only additional variable causes the solver to fail with the error message:

Error in subroutine cal_TAUWALL_TURB :
Called for invalid locale: VERTICES
GETVAR originally called by subroutine CAL_BCP_Aver_IP

Is there a workaround for this?

The problem is fixed in CFX-12.0. A workaround is available for CFX-11.0, which is to use CFX-11.0 Update 2 and an expert parameter setting.

Firstly, obtain CFX-11.0 Update 2. This is available on request from ANSYS Technical Support.

Note that CFX-11.0 Update 2 is a development release. It is based on CFX-11.0 Service Pack 1, but has many of the fixes to problems found during the development of CFX-12.0. It is not an official release of CFX and whilst it has undergone some testing, it has not been formally tested in the same way an official release would be. Update 2 is in the form of a patch which must be applied to CFX-11.0 service pack 1.

In order to be able to use boundary only additional variables with USER_GET_GVAR, it is necessary to use the expert parameter setting:

'boundary av fix = t'

Note that this expert parameter is not available in CFX-Pre and it is necessary to add the parameter to the command language manually.

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