Are there any examples showing how I can get the equivalent properties for my composite laminate defined ply-by-ply with the SECDATA commands and then use those equivalent properties in another analysis?

Yes, please see the attached ANSYS 11.0 SP1 SHELL181 example.

The shell section properties are entered ply-by-ply with the "SECTYPE,,SHELL" and "SECDATA" commands, and then the "SLIST,,,,FULL" command outputs the "ABD" and "E" matrices, among other data. The matrix data is then entered into a preintegrated section via the "SECTYPE,,GENS" and SSPA, SSPB, SSPD, and SSPE commands.

Two plates are meshed with SHELL181 elements, one with each type of section input, and then subjected to the same bending and extension loads. The displacement results are then compared.

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