Are there any examples of interference fit problems using CONTA178 Elements?

Yes, please see the ANSYS 11.0 SP1 example attached. It is an updated version of Knowledge Base Solution 4978, which had used CONTAC12 elements. The reference used is SHIGLEY, "MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DESIGN", 3RD ED, Example 2-10, (page 65), published by McGraw-Hill, Copyright 1977.

A tube, such as a gun barrel, has nominal dimensions of 1 in ID X 2 in OD, over which a second tube having nominal dimensions of 2 in ID X 3 in OD is to be shrink-fitted. The material is steel. It is desired to fit these members together to cause a stress of Sigma_tangential = 10 kpsi at the inner surface of the outer member.

The theoretical contact pressure is 3,850 psi and the interference should be 0.000548 inches. The OD of the inner tube is taken as 2.00 inches and the ID of the outer tube is taken to be 1.998904 inches. The tangential (hoop) stress of the inner surface of the outer tube should be 10,000 psi.

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