How do I setup ICEBOARD (TASPCB) licensing for the Gerber ECAD interface?

Iceboard/TASPCB uses ECAD interfaces to import circuit board data for analysis, similar to the way CAD readers are used for ANSYS Workbench.

Iceboard/TASPCB versions 3.2.114 and later use a Gerber ECAD interface consisting of programs Netex-G and Gerber Viewer. Gerber Viewer and Netex-G are NOT ANSYS programs, but are third-party applications created by Artwork Conversions, Inc.

Previous versions of Iceboard/TASPCB used CAMCAD by Router Solutions, Inc. Versions using CAMCAD have been discontinued for contractural reasons, and are no longer available.

Iceboard/TASPCB itself uses ANSYS licensing. The Gerber Viewer and Netex-G do NOT use ANSYS licensing, but do use FlexLM floating or node-locked licenses. This point may be relevant if the user is intending on using BORROWABLE licenses.

Detailed instructions for installing the Artwork FlexLM license server are at:

<a target=_blank href=""></a>

The Artwork FlexLM license server can and should be installed on same server as the ANSYS FlexLM license manager.

Procedures for obtaining the HostID (floating server or local node-locked) is same as is done for ANSYS.

ANSYS CRCs do NOT have the capability to generate these license files.

The CRC will pass the server HostID information to Artwork Conversions, who will generate apporpriate keys.

Feature mnemonics :


Specifying the licenser server.

1. In your Netex-G directory, rename the file acsFloat.key to acs.key.
2. Create a System Environnment Variable to point to the server.
3. To see what the program is actually using for a license server,
Run Netex-G or Gerber Viewer, then Help > About
Serial Number: FLEXlm v8.1 + LICENSE (pghlnxl...


If you try to run the "Gerber Viewer" or "Netex-G" an get the following dialog "


gbvru Security Error
Keycode file not found.

- Check to see that the file acsFloat.key or acsLocked.key was renamed to to acs.key

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