I am having difficulty importing a mesh created with Gambit into CFX-Pre.
I get the error message "Unable to import mesh: Premature end of file detected when read Face Tree" when trying to import the msh format file.

The mesh imports in Fluent. I tried importing the mesh into Fluent and saving, then importing into CFX-Pre. That seems to work, but the imported mesh has an issue. In one region of the mesh that was created using "Hex Core" the faces of the hex elements and the neighboring pyramid elements were put into 2d regions, which CFX-Pre insists bound the 3D fluid region.
The problem doesn't exist on volume regions generated using Hex.

The issue relates to Gambit's ability to split quad faces between the hexcore and tet regions. This will form a many-to-one interface and/or unreadable data structure and will not import in to CFX.
Any mesh with this structure that is first read into Fluent will not import either, since the problematic data structure remains unchanged.
Documentation on how to set up Gambit 2.3/2.4 hex core for export to CFX is attached.
Sample Gambit .msh and resulting .def file are included as well.

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