A CatiaV5 model fails to attach into DesignModeler. This most often occurs with surface-body models imported using the CADNEXUS/Capri Gateway for CatiaV5.

- In DM > Show Errors or Warnings
ANSYS DesignModeler 11.0 Error
Error: Model size is out of range
Context: Attach Feature Import1

- Attaching the same model into Simulation shows a very large rectangular surface body. Suppressing this large rectangular body in Simulation and zooming To fit shows the correct Catia model.

The problem is caused by Sketch Construction Planes in CatiaV5. The workaround is to Hide these Sketch Planes, Save As, then Import the model. This is possible because the CADNEXUS/Capri Gateway recognizes the Hide/Show setting of Catia features.

Example procedure:
Open Test_Model.CATPart in Catia...
Select : Plane.1
Right click > Hide/Show > Hide
Save the model as Test_Model_A.CATPart
Import Test_Model_A into DM.

Note: Also see solution 515958 - Model Size out of Range when importing geometry into DesignModeler.

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