In Autodesk Inventor, how do you extract the fluid volume from geometry of the solid.

1) Make sure all `openings` in your model are capped off ` creating a fully enclosed volume
2) Generate a separate part with single solid that will fully encompass your geometry
1) Create an assembly with the parts in their respected positions ` ensuring that the solid just drawn fully encompasses your geometry.
2) Generate a new part
3) Choose from the Part Feature Panel - "Derived Component"
4) Browse for the created assembly
5) On the pop up box, choose which solids you want to bring in (yellow plus) and which ones you want to use to subtract (red minus). Click OK
6) You are left with two voids (one inside the solid used for subtracting and one outside), you will need to delete the outer one.
7) From the Part Feature Panel choose Delete Face. Make sure you choose the select lump or void option, then select one face from the outer solid and click OK. You should be left with just the inner solid.
8) Save the part file. You can now bring this into CFX.

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