Error in the RSM log:

> Executing command: C:Program FilesANSYS
> Incv110ANSYSbinIntelANSYS110.exe -b nolist -s noread -m 262 -db
> 212 -np 2 -p ansys -i remote.dat -o solve.out (5/21/2008 11:42:41 AM)
> The system cannot find the path specified. (5/21/2008 11:42:46 AM)
> Remote ANSYS process ended. (5/21/2008 11:42:47 AM)

Machine Info:
Name = Computer1
OS = Windows XP 32bit
Remote Solve Manager and Compute Server:
Name = Computer2
OS = Windows XP x64


The user is experiencing this error because they are using a roaming profile. With a roaming profiles your user settings, Application Data, HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry entries, and User environment variables are all transferred to any machine you log into on the network.
Since RSM uses network accounts to submit jobs, when the user tried to send an analysis to the remote solve manager/computer server, their user environment variables were also transferred to that machine. On a Windows computer your user environment variables will overtake the system environment variables.
This means that the user variable for a 32bit machine ("ANSYS_SYSDIR=Intel") was being used instead ofthe system variable for the 64bit machine ("ANSYS_SYSDIR=winx64").


Verified that the following system environment variables were set on this machine (Computer1).

Then removed the corresponding user environment variables from the users computer. The user is now able to send a solve to the 64bit Windows machine.

Possible problem:
If Workbench is ever reconfigured after these variables are deleted, the WB reconfigure will rewrite these variables and recreate the problem.

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