In Workbench 10.0, there used to be an option for the user to specify a solution folder different from the default. This is not available in Workbench 11.0, where all ANSYS batch files are located in subfolders next to the DSDB file. Is there a workaround at WB11 to specify a different solution folder?

There is a workaround using a /CWD in a command snippet and then a /COPY in another one to copy the "file.rst" into the default WB folder for further post-processing, but
- commands snippets are not available with a DesignSpace license and
- this still requires that the "file.rst" (potentially large) be stored in a defined folder.

The reason for this change is that now those files are not temporary and needed to be maintained with the project.

If you want to solve on a disk other than that with the DSDB, you can use Remote Solve Manager, and make a queue that sets the solver directory on the disk you want. That is a better workaround than using a command snippet.

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