Editing the legend for results listed under a Solution Combination leads to completely blue or completely red contours. Is there a workaround?

For version 11.0 and 11.0SP1, this situation can be circumvented by using named legend; for example, consider a model in which the directional deformation in the solution combination is the sum of directional deformations in "Static Structural 1" and "Static Structural 2" solutions. The legends for directional deformations in any of the two environments can be edited normally and the same can be used as a named legend in directional deformation in the Solution Combination.

The following process can be followed for using a named legend in Solution Combination.

(1) Highlight Static Structural 1 > Directional Deformation

(2) RMB on the Legend > Named Legends > New > give it a name (e.g., "test")

(3) Change the legend by editing one or more of the values.

(4) Highlight Solution Combination > Directional Deformation

(5) RMB on the legend > Named Legends > "test"

After doing so, the Directional-Deformation contours in Solution Combination are displayed with the Legend for Directional Deformation in "Static Structural 1." Any changes in the Legend for Directional Deformation in "Static Structural 1" are also reflected in Solution Combination.

This error has been fixed for version 12.0.

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