Can you run multiple DSDB files in batch mode?

Workbench does not have this capability.

However, the following example may be used as a workaround:

C:Program filesansys incv110ansysbinintel must be added to the SYSTEM PATH of the machine.

Directory Creation:
1. Create a directory called batch_test
2. Create directories under this directory called b1, b2. So now you have a directory structure of batch_testb1 and batch_testb2
3. These are the directories that will hold the input files.

Input file creation:

1. Open the model in Workbench.
2. With everything set and ready to solve, highlight the Solution branch and then pick Tools->Write ANSYS Input file
3. Save this input file to one of the directories.
4. Perform this again for all models that need to be run. Saving them to separate directories under batch_test: b1, b2, ..etc. This is so that the result files are not overwritten and stored in a separate directory structure.
5. After input files are created, edit them and remove the /EOF toward the bottom of the file. (If this is not done, it will not solve)

Ex. bracket1a.inp and bracket2a.inp.

Once you have all the input files created and edited, create the batch command file. This file will be located under batch_test.

Ex. runbatch.cmd

Contents of runbatch.cmd:
set ansconsec=true
set answait=1

cd b1
ansys110 -b -p ansys -i "D:batch_testb1bracket1a.inp" -o bracket1a.out
cd ..b2
ansys110 -b -p ansys -i "D:batch_testb2bracket2a.inp" -o bracket2a.out


You can use `Start->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Schedule Task` to configure a task to run the runbatch.cmd file.
This will allow you to set it to start whenever you like.
*The user must be logged out of the machine for Schedule task to run this.

Once the solves are done, the user can open the model in Workbench, then click on:
Tools->Read ANSYS Results file

Browse to the directory of the solve that corresponds to the model (b1, b2..etc) and choose it (the directory).
It will then load the results.

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