How do I create non-linear springs in Simulation?

You can't do this directly but this can be done with the help of command snippets. The database attached to this article contains three models:

1) All linear springs. Springs are new at 11.0 but linear only.

2) As above but with a command snippet added for each spring that makes it non-linear and defines the curve

Pro's - minimum of APDL
- Can have different curves for each spring. Could use arg1 etc for keyboard entry. Note that you are limited to 9 inputs so only 4 segments directly.
- You can see the springs and control where they go.
Con's - manual insertion of springs - can be slightly time consuming.

3) Same model as before but all APDL driven. You need to define the ring of nodes via a named selection on a line and also define local CS's with a manual ANSYS number. Same snippet is used twice - once of each end.

Pro's - If this is a spider and all springs are the same this is easy to use
- Number of springs, the curve etc can be keyboard driven outside the snippet
Con's - Assumes a spider and all springs are the same.
- Does require more knowledge of APDL than 2.
- Cannot see the springs inside Simulation.

In both cases the spring probes will not work. You can use the APDL script to use /post26 to export the force deflection curve.

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