I have a large analysis involving many loadcases (in excess of 400). The decomposition stage seems to proceed rapidly (less than 6 hours) but then does not seem to progress very far beyond this. The analysis has been running for 8 days now. Why is it so slow?

The high-performance incore solver has a certain requirement for memory to undertake the decomposition but may require significantly more memory than this for efficient solution when a large number of loadcases is involved. It is suggested to provide a data area that is larger than that necessary to just satisfy the decomposition requirements (you may get a message in stage 2 saying what memory requirements are needed to complete the decomposition). The data area should not, however, be specified at such a large number as to cause the PC to page to virtual memory. A good working maximum is to set it to be approximately 60% of the physical RAM of the machine; e.g., for a 2 GByte PC, the data area could be set to around 300000000 (the data area is specified in machine words, so this corresponds to 1.2 GBytes).

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