I am trying to model bolt thread loading, but I am not sure how to simulate the combined radial and axial loading from the threads. How can I model this?

There are at least three options:

(1) Assume the radial component is small compared to the axial component and ignore it (of course, this will depend on the geometry). The bolt and hole can be modeled as smooth cylinders and connected together using bonded contact. This is obviously the simplest option.

(2) Model all of the threads in 3D with frictional contact. This will likely yield the most accurate results assuming the model can be properly setup and find a converged solution; however, the modeling difficulty and solution runtime will probably be significantly higher than that in (1).

(3) Model a cross-section of the bolt with the threads in 2D with frictional contact. The runtime here should be low relative to (2), and the results of this test should show if you can proceed with option (1) or if you need to go to option (2).

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