How to run faster?

Running is something anyone can do, but running faster is challenging. So this guide will help you in how to run faster. The key is to start slowly and work your way up gradually.

1. Be your own personal trainer. But have a friend help you, or use fitness DVDs to help, if you can. Make a commitment to train for at least 5 days a week.

2. Gradually build a base of conversational pace steadily. Increase your pace no more than 10% a week. Make every fourth week an easy recovery week. Alternate between longer and shorter runs.

3. Practice and after a minimum of three months of base work, averaging three hours per week running, start following this weekly schedule:

* Day 1 - Tempo run. Warm up 10 minutes. Run briskly for 20 minutes (80% effort), cool down 10 minutes
* Day 2 - Rest day
* Day 3 - Easy 60 minute run
* Day 4 - 40/20s. Warm up 10 minutes, then 12 cycles of: Sprint 40 seconds and jog 20 seconds. Cool down 10 minutes.
* Day 5 - Rest day
* Day 6 - Long run. Start slowly and run conversational pace for 40-90 minutes. It is helpful to have a running buddy or friend/spouse/kid willing to follow along on a bike.
* Day 7 - Rest day

4. Try challenging yourself once every three weeks or so with this technique:

* Find a local track (1/4 mile) or a flat surface (1/4 mile) to run on (streets are too off-level from side to side).
* Stretch and do a light warm up (e.g. 25 push ups or jog).
* Do a 1/4 mile sprint followed by a 1/4 mile jog. Do the sprint and jog routine for at least 2 miles.
* Beat your own time. Once you have your initial times, you do not want to go below it. At least maintain an average.
* Do a cool down. After every run, you do not just want to stop running. Walk the run off till your heart rate is moderate. Then stretch.

5. Make a commitment. Do not quit your regimen, do not tell yourself you'll do it tomorrow, do not tell yourself you're too tired, and do not tell yourself you're too busy. Run in the morning to get it over with.

6. Remember to always get loose before a race, since tight muscles get tired easily.

7. Drink plenty of water and never give up.

8. Don't eat greasy or high fiber food before you run, so you don't get cramps. Instead drink plenty of fresh home made squeezed or juiced organic fruit juice. You may find this is too acidic - in this case you're better sticking to water.

9. Make sure to breathe in through your nose and out of your mouth.

10. Workout on hills to build up speed gradually over time. Running uphill may be harder at first, but after a while of getting used to it, you may find that your running speed has increased.

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