When using ANSYS ICEM CFD to generate a tet/prism mesh, how is it possible to create a mesh with different parts on each side of an internal wall?

Note that enabling the 'split' option for the internal wall in the 'Mesh size for parts' form is NOT the answer. This results in the same part on each side of the internal wall.

Instead, the following procedure can be used:

- Put any internal walls into separate parts as required.

- In the 'Mesh size for parts' form, enable the 'internal wall' option but NOT the 'split' option.

- Generate the mesh.

- Split the wall manually at the required internal wall(s), by selecting:

'Edit Mesh > Split Mesh > Split Internal Wall' and choosing the required internal wall parts.

One side of the internal wall retains the orginal part name (e.g. WALL1) and the other side is assigned to a new part which is the original part name with _BACK appended (e.g. WALL1_BACK).

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