Restarting transient-thermal cases in Simulation is not possible with the v11 Simulation interface. How can the restart be accomplished with Command Objects?

It is possible with the following steps:

(1) Three Simulation settings under the details of "Analysis Settings" are necessary for the initial run: the ANSYS database must be saved, unnecessary files should not be deleted, and the nonlinear option must be set to FULL rather than Program Controlled.

(2) Command Objects are used to copy the relevant files to the proper directory.

First, duplicate the "Transient Thermal" branch. The new one will be "Transient Thermal 2". Simulation will create a "Transient Simulation" directory under the project name for the initial transient. The "Transient Thermal 2" directory will not be created until the case solves. For this reason, the file copying is done in command objects. The path names entered on the /COPY command will depend on the path names setup in Workbench.

Command Object:


/copy,'E:somedirblock Simulation FilesTransient Thermalfile',db,,'E:somedirblock Simulation FilesTransient Thermal 2file',db

! Duplicate this /copy command to copy the results file "jobname.rth" and the esave file "jobname.esav".

time, 90. ! The new End time must be entered here since the database was resumed after the Simulation input was processed.

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