Is it possible to use DesignXplorer with APDL and specify multiple processors and/or distributed ANSYS?

First, DX with APDL does not use Simulation Solve Process Settings or Remote Solution Manager settings.

Generally, this method is for third-party solvers, but the same principle applies to solving with ANSYS in batch mode. The DesignXplorer help file describes how to Run the DesignXplorer Environment with Custom XML Instructions.

DesignXplorer Help | Using DesignXplorer | Third Party Plug-Ins and Generic Process Sequencing |
Running the DesignXplorer Environment with Custom XML Instructions

Here is an example of how use a XML Process Instruction file to specify ANSYS command-line arguments:

Extract the zip attached to C:
You will get a directory C:ANSYS_temp3rd_party_DX
2 files:

!! Edit the good.xml file to reflect YOUR specific paths and system configuration. !!

Open an empty project from the Workbench start page.

Then, click "Link to a Process Instruction File" in the task pane. good.xml

Next, click "Run Optimization in DesignXplorer"

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