How do I create an aerofoil cfd model from a points file in DesignModeler?

The procedure for generating geometry for an aerofoil is as follows:

1. The points data file needs to be broken into 3 or more groups to reflect the different curves of the aerofoil:

a) pressure side curve
b) suction side curve
c) trailing edge curve

See the manual for the format for generating groups in the points file.

2. In DesignModeler you will need to import this data points as a Concept> 3D curve. Select Generate

This will generate 3 curves for the imported coordinates file.

3. Create a Concept> Surface from Edges.

This is done by selecting the 3 curves that are generated by step 2. Select Generate

4. Select the surface and Create> New Plane. Select Generate

This step will generate a plane with the shape of the aerofoil.

5. Create> Extrude. with Operation set to 'Add Frozen'. Select Generate

This step will extrude aerofoil shaped plane into a frozen solid.

6. Select XY Plane and create a sketch for the external domain.

7 Create an extrude from step 6

8. Create > Boolean using Subtract option. Subtract solid 1 from solid 2

This will generate the required flow domain for the aerofoil.

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