Class 3 Error

In a multiphase flow, using an expression involving a flow variable in any section of a setup that is fluid specific will cause the variable to be implicitly prefixed by the fluid name. For example, in a two-phase flow with Air and Water, if a user uses the variable 'Density' in an expression, they may very well expect that the density of the fluid mixture will be used, as it would be in some contexts, but CFX would actually implicitly use the density of air or water in fluid specific contexts including boundary conditions, sources etc. There is in fact no way to refer to the mixture density in these contexts. This overall problem also applies to multicomponent flows and sections of the setup that are component specific.

This behaviour of the code is actually by design, and is useful sometimes if one is aware of it. However, the documentation is not at all clear on this, so for a significant proportion of cases, users are likely to get code behaviour and results that they d

No workaround is currently available.

ANSYS CFX Release 12.0.

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