I am having problems starting the ANSYS License Manager version 11 on my Windows Vista 64-bit license server. When I start the ANSYS License Manager (ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility) and select the option Start the License Manager I get the following error message:

Error occurred: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.

The license manager daemons (lmgrd and ansyslmd) were upgraded at version 11 SP1 to FLEXlm version 10.8.5. You must use the version 11 SP1 license manager on a Windows Vista platform. This can be downloaded from the ANSYS Customer Portal (http://www.ansys.com/customerportal/). Go to Download Software > Standard versions and select "ANSYS License Manager Only - 11.0 with Service Pack 1" and Windows XP x64 version.

Note: You must also use the version 11 SP1 product software when running on Windows Vista platforms. Windows Vista is a newly supported operating system for version 11 SP1.

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