I am trying to introduce friction in one of my body-to-body joints in Simulation 11.0 using a command object with the following commands:

TB,JOIN,_jid, , ,FRIC

The problem is that it has no effect. What is wrong?

The FRIC sub-option on the TB command specifies the stick-stiffness for the hysteretic friction in joints. It is to be used in conjunction with JNSA or JNSx(x=1,6). If the JNS suboptions are not used, then the FRIC suboption is useless.

Using the hysteretic friction capability in version 11.0 is not recommended since it does not simulate the Coulomb friction option that most users seem to want. This feature will be removed in 12.0 and replaced with Coulomb friction in joints revolute, slot, and translational.

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