What equations are used to distinguish how DX parameters get rated?

*** (star mark 3)
** (star mark 2)
* (star mark 1)
x (X mark 1)
xx (X mark 2)
xxx (X mark 3)

We basically divide each parameter range into 6 zones, or rating scales if you will. The location of design candidate value in the range is measured according to the rating scales. For example, parameter X: 0.9 ~ 1.1, the rating scale for a design candidate value of 1.0333 is calculated as follows:

(((Absolute(1.0333-1.1))/(1.1-0.9))*6)-(6/2) = 2.01-3 = -1 [one star] (as 0 indicating neutral, negative values indicating closer to the target, up to -3; positive value indicating farther away from the target, up to +3)

Following the same procedures, you will get rating scale for design candidate value of 0.9333 as 5.001-3 = +2 [two crosses] (away from target).

Therefore, the extreme cases are as follows:

1. Design Candidate value of 0.9 (the worst), the rating scale is 6-3 = +3 [three crosses]
2. Design Candidate value of 1.1 (the best),the rating scale is 0-3 = -3 [three stars]
3. Design Candidate value of 1.0 (neutral), the rating scale is 3-3 = 0 [dash]

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