After running my analysis, I do some postprocessing in POST26. If I enter POST1 and issue the SET command, then go back to POST26, my time-history results change. What is going on?

Please note that some values in the database may be overwritten by values in the results file. This is the documented behavior of the SET command:

"Values for applied constraints [D] and loads [F] in the database will be replaced by their corresponding values on the results file, if available."

There is the following note in the output as well:

*** NOTE *** CP = 0.760 TIME= 16:03:14
Reading results into the database (SET command) will update the current
displacement and force boundary conditions in the database with the
values from the results file for that load set. Note that any
subsequent solutions will use these values unless action is taken to
either SAVE the current values or not overwrite them (/EXIT,NOSAVE).

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